Welcome to our dollshouse ideas page. The gallery below is a collection of ideas and images taken from a range sources to give you inspiration for dollhouse decorating, historical time periods and styles, and lots of other lovely things to excite your miniature making and collecting hobby.

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Please note that these images are simply a collection of some of our favourite finds and are not owned by Sheena’s Miniatures. 

Sheena’s Dollshouses & Miniatures – A little about us

Whether you are looking for simple dollshouse miniature furniture and accessories to beautify your dolls house or you are a dedicated collector, we at Sheena’s Dollshouses & Miniatures, make sure that you find the right wooden dollhouse furniture sets to enhance your own charming and enchanting dolls’ houses. Our extensive range of quality Dollshouses, dollshouse furniture, décor and accessories provide you with a variety of options to enhance your dollshouse.

We offer a wide range of options to make your doll house stand out from the crowd. Our multiple furniture options allow you to uplift the atmosphere of your doll’s house. Our wide range of furniture collection will not only allow you to revamp the overall look of your dolls house, but it can provide you hours of fun and entertainment while you are decorating your doll’s house.

We present you with highly detailed designs from the world of humans and pint-sized them precisely into different scales for the world of miniatures, allowing you to add a more realistic touch to your dollshouse.

We are an NZ approved retailer of Aztec Miniatures, Streets Ahead/ Dolls House Emporium, Barbara’s Mouldings, Town Square Miniatures, and able to source most products from a variety of suppliers and artisans. We also offer bespoke Dolls House Making, Dolls House Renovations and Trade In old Dolls house Service.

“Sheena’s Dolls House & Miniatures” aims to continue to make available an ever increasing and exciting range of products, covering 1:12, 1:24, and 1:48 scales, all of which will look superb in creating any miniature Room Setting, Room Box, or Dolls House, irrespective of size. Colourful, creative products inspired from our everyday living, each representing all that is delightful and inspirational about the world of miniatures. I do hope it will inspire you too.

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